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  1. What makes my white clothes look dingy, gray, or yellow when I've just washed them?
  2. How can I restore dingy looking clothes?
  3. Are there any rules about clothing sizes?
  4. How can I find my right clothing size?
  5. What are the common clothing size ranges?
  6. Why do two sweaters both marked "Misses 10" fit differently?
  7. How can I be sure to find a clothing brand that fits?
  8. If I am shopping for clothing via catalogs or Internet, how can I determine the best size to order?
  9. Does the design of a garment make a difference in fit?
  10. Why does the fabric make a difference in fit?
  11. Does the fiber content affect fit in any way?
  12. How does mildew cause holes in clothing?

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