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How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

Though it is always best to file a lawsuit as soon as possible, a person will be barred from bringing a lawsuit after a certain amount of time. The Iowa code sets out some time limits for filing in general situations.  For a personal injury you have 2 years to file from the day the incident occurred or the time when you did or should have known of the injury.  Actions regarding verbal contracts and injury to property have a 5-year statute of limitations.  Actions on written contracts and the recovery of real property (i.e. land) are 10 years.  Suits based on injury or defects regarding products can be brought within 15 years of the sale of the product.  Suits relating to medical malpractice can be brought 2 years after you knew or through the use of reasonable diligence should have known of the injury but not more than 6 years after the act by the medical professional that caused the injury.

Reference: Iowa Code 614.1 (2003)

Author: Iowa Concern Attorney

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Date last updated: 07/08/2002
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