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I have recently lost my job. Can you point me to some materials to help me with the adjustment?

Unexpected loss of income can be one of the most stressful events in a lifetime.  This loss affects everyone in the family.  This reduction effects one economically, emotionally, and socially.  Listed below are several sources of information covering many issues loss of income can create.
Author: Phyllis Zalenski,

Related Information:
When Your Income Decreases... But the Bills Don't.  (Document)
"Adjusting to Suddenly Reduced Income,” University of Minnesota Extension, 2001
A table of numerous resources including Adjustment, Viewing the Situation, Grief, Reassessing, Goals, and Disagreement and Conflict.
Getting Through Tough Times, University of Illinois
Articles created to help families during times of financial stress. Topics include Communicating, Agencies that can help, Teens working, Identifying sources of support and friendship, Keeping a roof overhead, and many others.
“Stress Taking Charge: Coping with Unemployment,” ISU Extension, Pm 1660i, 1997
A 3-page pdf file with topics such as Including Family Members in Discussions, Matching Spending with Income, Look for Additional Money, Benefits, Talk to your Creditors, and more.

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