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How can I cut costs to save money?

Start by keeping track of where you spend your money.  Be sure to record all spending,  especially for small items that can add up such as fast food meals, vending machine snacks, video rentals, etc.  The worksheet, “So What’s 65 Cents?” lets you calculate how much you are spending on these items.  Review your spending to determine areas where you may be overspending and can reduce costs.  The links below give suggestions on ways to reduce costs in specific areas of your budget. 



Author: Phyllis Zalenski,
Related Information:
So what's 65 cents? Check your spending leaks!  (Document)
“Living on Less,” University of Missouri-Columbia Extension
A 4-page publication on learning how to spend less but still live well. (PDF file)
“Cutting Costs to Live Within Your Income,” University of Florida Extension
A one page easy-to-read listing of cost-cutting ideas.
“101 Ways to Save Money,” Alabama Cooperative Extension, Alabama A & M and Auburn Universities
101 easy to implement ideas (PDF file)
“Twenty-Five Ways to Live on Less,” Rutgers Cooperative Extension
2-page publication (PDF file)
“Bouncing Back When Your Income Drops 6: Cutting Corners and Economizing,” Penn State University Extension
6 pages on "Bouncing back when your income drops" (PDF file)
“Cutting Costs,” Virginia Cooperative Extension
Ways to cut expenses, reduce the necessities, family participation, family activity.

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