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I'm going through a divorce. Are there some things I can do to make this easier on myself and my children?

ISU Extension has a series of publications titled "Divorce Matters".  Reading through these publications will prove helpful during this time.

Related Information:
Divorce Matters - Coping with stress and change
(PDF file)
Divorce Matters - Talking with children
Tips for helping children through divorce. (PDF file)
Divorce Matters - A child's view
An explanation of children's reactions and feelings to divorce according to their age. (PDF file)
Divorce Matters - Talking with your child's other parent
When two people divorce, their relationship as spouse ends. But because the parent-child relationship continues, they need to develop ways to handle new parenting responsibilities. (PDF file)
Divorce Matters - Visitation do's and don'ts
(PDF file)

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Date last updated: 07/22/2002
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